Bethany Days offer friendship and support, a listening and sympathetic ear, relaxation and things to do in the company of others.

All of us, at some time, will experience loss or changes in life which result in emotional distress.Bethany, the village in Palestine, was a haven of rest and peace for Jesus at the home of His friends Mary, Martha and Lazarus. We want Bethany to offer the same haven to our guests.

Bethany Days are held at St Peter’s every 3rd Saturday of the month from 9am to 4pm.

The day is open to everyone and is run by a volunteer team of Christians, from local churches. There is no religious pressure.

For those who want it there will be an opportunity to receive gentle, healing prayer.

Each Bethany day includes a healthy lunch of home made soups, bread, cheese and a selection of fruit.

While each day will have a particular activity and ‘flavour’, we aim to make every day a positive experience; some time out for people who need it. Bethany is not a counselling or psychotherapy service and we are not able to offer specialised treatment.

There is no set charge, but a contribution of £3 per person would help us with arranging the day and providing refreshments.