If you have never been to a service at St Peter’s then this section may help you to find out what to expect.

Services normally last for between forty five minutes and about an hour and twenty minutes. The range of services is described in broad terms but each is an individual event – and no two are ever exactly alike.

Communion services will include a ‘sermon’ by either the vicar, a lay reader or a visiting speaker and will follow a set liturgy, or form of words and responses, which can be followed in the service booklet. Other services will not have a set form of words and will, in most cases, involve input from other members of the congregation.

Although hymn and song books are available, visitors to the 10am service on a Sunday and at more informal services will find a hands free environment with the words of songs and hymns being projected on to a screen.

If you think you’d like to give us a try why not drop us an email using the Contact Us section of this site. You will be guaranteed a warm welcome.

Holy Communion

Family Service