Crosstalk is St Peter’s magazine and 10 editions are published each year.

Crosstalk is not a fundraiser. Nor is it a comfortable fireside reflection on what happens at St Peter’s. It’s edgy. It is journalistic. And it is one of our main tools for outreach. About 325 copies are sent out each month and our research shows that readership is well over 1000 people.

Crosstalk deals with people stories, national stories and how they impact locally, and is not afraid to tackle some of the more controversial themes which have a bearing on faith.

Crosstalk is a very local product. It is written, edited, designed, printed, collated and delivered by members of the congregation. Local businesses advertise in its pages and the magazine has a relevance to a wide range of communities.

Crosstalk is printed with A4 size pages. Twelve of the twenty pages are in full colour and photographs are used to illustrate articles where appropriate. It’s a good read and worth the 60p price, which just covers our costs.

We’ve recently started to publish an entirely new Crosstalk magazine especially for our younger parishioners! Kids Crosstalk has become an overnight success story and has it’s very own creative team brimming with ideas for future editions!