Cell groups are small communities sharing a faith journey, growing together, and reaching out to others.

“In all my years of ministry I cannot recall any growing church which does not encourage small groups”  ‘I believe in church growth’ by Eddie Gibbs.

In the first two centuries of Christian activity there were no such things as ‘church buildings’. Believers met in each other’s homes in small groups known as Cell groups. Cell groups ensure that everyone is known as an individual; everyone is involved; and everyone’s gifts are used for the benefit of the group. In cell groups personal growth is often rapid.

St Peter’s has a number of cell groups which meet at different times during the week – and in different venues around the Village. One of the groups is for ‘men only’. The church in general has a poor record in attracting men, in fact only 35% of congregations in UK churches are men – and St Peter’s wanted to do something about that. The teaching and approach in this group is ‘man friendly’ – and there’s a social element too.

If you are interested in joining one of our cell groups, feel free to contact us for more information on the different groups currently running.