A churchwarden is a voluntary lay official elected at the annual meeting of the Church by those who are registered on the Church’s Electoral Roll. They are, according to the small print, responsible for the property and goods belonging to the Parish – and also for the good behaviour of those in church – especially during services and in the churchyard! It’s fair to say that the St Peter’s wardens have never – certainly in recent memory – had cause to exercise their considerable powers, and their role here is more about supporting the vicar and in leading and encouraging the congregation.

At the 2016 APCM, held on April 24th, Liz Pearce and Maggie Smith were confirmed as the churchwardens for the next year.


Liz Pearce (left)

“I have been a member of St Peter’s for about 12 years, although I first started coming on an occasional basis over 23 years ago, when our first child was born. I feel very loved and welcomed at St Peter’s and it always feels like coming home. It is a very special place and the love of God is all around.”

Maggie Smith (right)

“I have been a member of St Peter’s since 1985. It is a special place and my husband Steve and I feel very much part of the family. We continually see God at work here – in people of all ages – and we are excited about where He is leading us.”